Your Questions

We have complied some information below to help you understand how working with My PA Online actually works and what you can expect from working with us.



How do I get started using your services?

Quite simply, email or  phone us!  Tell us what it is you need and we can take it from there. The information you provide will enable us to work with you in a way that will benefit you and your business most effectively.


Can we have regular meetings?

The closer we work with you, the easier it is to know what and how you want things.
We are happy to have phone calls,  skype or hangouts – whenever suits you!


Can you meet my deadlines?

Any deadlines you have will always be discussed. If we believe we cannot meet them for any reason, we will not take on your work.


Will you work at weekends?

If you need work doing, we will get it done for you.


Do I need to provide you with anything?

Information and prompt responses to any queries we may have will ensure your work is completed according to schedule and will avoid unnecessary delays. My PA Online has everything needed to operate. We are happy to take on and use an email address for your company should you want.


Are there any other charges outside of the hourly rate?

All courier charges, postage, special stationery and international telephone calls are charged at cost.


Are you value for money?

We cost a fraction of what you would pay for an employee.
You only pay for the work done and you will be amazed at what can be achieved in an hour!

If you have any questions not covered above, please contact us.